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Community Auto Repair Service, LLC takes pride in providing customers with complete auto care at competitive prices. Know that we fix your vehicle right the first time. Entrust your car or truck with Community Auto Repair Service, LLC for full-service mechanical repairs and replacements as well as maintenance services.


Our technicians provide fast, friendly service. Save your hard-earned money with Community Auto Repair Service, LLC Preferred Customer Care Club and discounts.






Call on Community Auto Repair for your auto repairs, such as:


Community Auto Repair Service, LLC


Brakes represent one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Keeping your brakes in good operating condition increases the likelihood that your vehicle can stop quickly in unexpected situations and keep you safe from harm.


Community Auto Repair Service, LLC offers complete service to your brake system. Depending on your brake needs, we can simply change your brake pads and rotors or in more critical cases service any other braking components.


Steps to take:

  • Get your brakes inspected every 3 months or 3,000 miles, or with every oil change
  • If you hear a screeching or grinding noise when pressing the brake pedal, metal parts of your brakes are scraping together, contact Community Auto Repair Service, LLC
  • Immediately replace your worn brake parts to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs


Visit or call Community Auto Repair Service, LLC today to learn about our brake repair services and specials/coupons. We value our customers and we’re thankful for your business.




At Community Auto Repair Service, LLC, we can advise you that high-quality automotive tires are one of the most critical components in driving safety. New tires properly inflated truly can make the difference in an emergency as well as your suspension.


Add to this proper wheel alignment, good tire treads, and regular tire rotation and you will find improved gas mileage, vehicle handling, braking, and overall safety. Select from Community Auto Repair Service, LLC's diverse range of brand-name tires. We carry all the major brands to meet your specific vehicle and driving needs. Ask us about our Road Hazard Warranty when you order your tires.




Our Community Auto Repair Service, LLC  technicians specialize in diagnosing, repairing, or replacing your suspension system. This includes your vehicle’s steering and suspension components.


A good suspension enables your vehicle to absorb shock, maintain contact with the road surface, and handle corners well, leading to better control of your vehicle and a comfortable ride with less road noise, bumps, and vibrations.


Your vehicle’s suspension is a system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect your vehicle to its wheels and support its weight. Community Auto Repair Service, LLC can optimize your suspension towards sports car performance or a comfortable, smooth ride of a luxury car. Most vehicles balance between the two as physics do not allow for both.


Tires are where the rubber meets the road, literally. Your vehicle's tires must be in good condition for the suspension to work properly. Under-inflated, worn out, or otherwise faulty tires make it tough for the suspension to do its job.


Diagnosing Suspension Problems

Your vehicle:

  • Rides rough, shakes, is bumpy
  • Wants to turn when you want to go straight
  • Leans excessively in curves
  • Has little scallops in its tire tread (known as “cupped tires”)
  • Bounces more than once when you press downward on one corner of the vehicle


Our Community Auto Repair Service, LLC mechanics will be happy to perform a detailed diagnostic check to determine the exact cause of your suspension problem and repair it before additional damage occurs.



Air Conditioning

During those hot days of summer, you need a properly functioning air conditioning system in your vehicle. When you have a problem, let our certified Community Auto Repair Service, LLC technicians help you diagnose and quickly get your air conditioning system working properly.


Your system cools and dehumidifies air using a refrigerant to cool the air in the passenger compartment. Contact Community Auto Repair Service, LLC when you notice a decrease in your system’s cooling capability or when it does not work at all. We will perform various tests to detect leaks or other system problems and then conduct necessary repairs.


Community Auto Repair Service, LLC will evaluate and recharge your air conditioning system. We will detect leaks and repair/replace any defective components.



Engine Repair & Replacement

Engine services can encompass everything from a simple fix to a major repair. At Community Auto Repair Service, LLC, we have top-of-the-line computer diagnostic equipment to evaluate, diagnose, and repair your vehicle using new, used, or remanufactured engines. As your engine comprises most of the moving parts in your vehicle, many services may be required to keep it operating properly.


Symptoms of possible engine trouble:

  • Your Check Engine light turns on or flashes
  • Poor and erratic performance
  • Your vehicle won’t start
  • Your vehicle stalls
  • Oil Leaks


Engine repairs over the life of your vehicle:

  • Engine rebuild/remanufacture
  • Head gasket removal/replacement
  • Intake manifold and gasket replacement



Transmission Repair/Replacement


At Community Auto Repair Service, LLC, we advise you to take care of transmission problems early. This helps you save money and reduce your vehicle’s downtime, as transmission problems get worse with time.


Community Auto Repair Service, LLC will evaluate your transmission, and if necessary, install a new, used, or remanufactured transmission. Two types of transmissions include manual and automatic.


Signs of transmission trouble

  • Leaking Fluid: Red fluid is typically transmission fluid and may mean that you have a leak. Since transmission fluid cools and lubricates parts as they move, low fluid can cause the transmission to overheat and/or parts to wear down. Park your car in a clear, clean area for 24 hours, then move the car and check for drips or puddles.
  • Check Engine Light: This tells you that your vehicle’s internal computer detects a problem in an operating system. It may be the transmission, engine, exhaust, etc. Community Auto Repair Service, LLC will use the proper diagnostic equipment to assess and diagnose the issue.
  • Something Feels Wrong: If you feel grinding and shaking as you increase or decrease speed or shift gears, this can be a symptom of a serious transmission problem.
  • Makes Funny Sounds: A transmission that is operating properly will not make noises. If you hear whining or humming, it’s a problem. Noises may only happen intermittently at first, yet will occur more frequently over time. So, bring it to Community Auto Repair Service, LLC to get diagnosed.
  • Won’t Go Into Gear: When an automatic transmission hesitates or has trouble engaging in or out of any gear instead of shifting quickly into gear, there is likely a transmission issue.